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PART TIME – Inside Sales Executive

Southwest Washington’s biggest and best radio station is looking for a new staff member for our sales team. If you have experience making cold calls on the phone or other inside sales or telemarketing experience, and are looking for a better place to work, are persistent, and need to pay the rent, we’d like to meet you!

KXXO Mixx 96.1 has a supportive environment and a great product. You’ll be calling potential advertisers, helping develop marketing proposals, and creating radio campaigns for clients.

Send a letter or email and resume to: KXXO Mixx 96.1, PO Box 7937, Olympia, WA 98507, or admin@mixx96.com

Duties of this job include:
Making calls to prospective advertisers, new and current clients
Attending weekly sales team and individual meetings
Helping to write proposals and develop marketing plans for clients, writing copy for radio advertising and helping design all-over marketing ideas and strategies.
Keeping in contact with existing clients, updating copy, and keeping up with changes in the client’s business and how we can help respond to changing needs.
Entering and checking clients’ information and advertising orders
Internal communication including working with other staff to promote clients and the radio station.

Requirements for this position include:
Basic computer skills
Ability to budget time independently and self-motivate work
Willingness to work with people of differing backgrounds and lifestyles
Getting satisfaction from seeing your ideas help businesses grow
A desire to succeed (and pay off those student loans!)

Applicants will be asked to allow checks to their driving record. The work area for this job is accessible only by stairs.

3 Cities, Inc./KXXO Mixx96.1  is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of our company that all applicants for employment will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or handicap. 3 Cities Inc. is committed to fairness and diversity in hiring and promotion and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds, ethnic origins, genders, orientations, or beliefs.