Win $1000! Debt-FREE in ’23!

Win $1000 in the Debt-FREE in ’23 contest running through February 3 on KXXO Mixx 96.1, sponsored by Coastal Farm & Ranch on Martin Way at I-5. Set a reminder to listen each weekday at 8:55am for the day’s keyword. Then, click on the Debt-FREE in ’23 banner above, enter the keyword, and answer your phone the next morning even if it’s from an unknown area code – it may be the call saying you’ve won $1000 in this national contest. There’s a new $1000 winner each day! Click here for rules.

Win TriBond! Wine and Boats!

Win a gift card to The Wine Loft in downtown Olympia, passes to the Seattle Boat Show February 3-11, and hand-crafted whole-bean coffee from Cutters Point Coffee Co. Play TriBond at 7:40am Monday-Friday, January 30-February 3 on KXXO Mixx 96.1. Contest number is 360-943-9696. You may now win TriBond every 30 days.

Win! Sofie’s Scoops Gelato and Boats!

Win a gift card to Sofie’s Scoops Gelaterias (Italian ice cream shops) in Olympia and passes to the Seattle Boat Show February 3-11. Play That’s Not Right at 3:20pm Monday-Friday, January 30-February 3 with your host Anna Winter on KXXO Mixx 96.1. Contest number is 360-943-9696. You may now win That’s Not Right every 30 days.

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Our Top 15! See our Songs!

Watch the videos for our top 15 new songs! While we mix(x) songs from the ’80s to now, often hits you no longer hear on the radio, these are just the strongest of today’s hit songs.  Need to know the name of a song? Email John at with date/time played, sung by male or female, and any distinctive lyrics.

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