Win $1000! Play Postseason Payoff!

Ever wish that the magic and joy of the holiday season could just continue? But once the calendar turns, there’s work to do, resolutions to keep, and bills to pay. In sports, when the season ends, you get postseason playoffs. So, KXXO Mixx 96.1 is introducing the post-holiday season payoff, “Postseason Payoff” for short. Monday, January 8-Friday, February 2, 2024 listen for a keyword at the top of every hour. Each unique daily keyword is a chance for you to win $1000. Then, enter the keyword(s) on the “submit keyword” form nearby OR text the keyword(s) to 508-777-1000. Answer your phone the next morning even if it’s from an unknown area code or number – it may be the call saying you’ve won $1000 in this national contest! Click here for rules.

Keep the good cheer coming –  play KXXO’s Postseason Payoff, sponsored by O Bee Credit Union!