Touch it, taste it, try it on …

KXXO Personal Shoppers Ty Flint (“Good Morning Mixx”) and Sheryl Miner check out the toys at Captain Little in downtown Olympia.

Gif idea for dad or grandpa. John Foster (program director) almost fell asleep relaxing in the Stressless chairs, recliners, and reclining sofas at Selden’s of Olympia downtown at Franklin and Legion Way. “They are by far the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in, ” says John.

Gift suggestion for a young professional. Mae Fields needed some stylish clothing for her new job at KXXO Mixx 96.1 so she went to Apricot Lane Boutique, Capital Mall. She spotted this adorable romper right away and just had to have it!

Wild Birds Unlimited at Cooper Pt. Marketplace (near Jimmy John’s) on Olympia’s Westside has everything for the bird lover – and also this chirping wine pourer for the oenophile who’s otherwise impossible for shop for.  More prosaic gifts include their private stock birdseed (no fillers!) and bird feeders ingeniously designed to discourage squirrels.  

Recommendation for a mother, female friend, aunt – someone who appreciates beauty. Anna Winter, who has many wonderful women in her life, looks at the wide assortment of jewelry, home decor, and hand-crafted gifts at Compass Rose on Capitol Way in downtown Olympia.   

For someone who treasures family memories! All Around Towne Photography in Capital Mall not only takes professional images but also can preserve them in any format – from a fancy frame to your coffee mug! KXXO Personal Shopper wonders if his cat would pose … Yes, they love taking photos of your precious pets!

Recommended for the family Anglophile. Cari Palmer (afternoons) says, “Try British Bites in Puyallup. Such a cool store. The chocolate there is pure – no preservatives – had to buy some! Just an eclectic collection of stuff from England. They serve lunch and tea in the little restaurant area.”

Ann D’Angelo (“Good Morning Mixx”) shops in Tacoma’s Proctor District. “Make sure you pop into the Pacific Northwest Shop. It’s full of amazing things from artists right here in the PNW! One of my favorites this year is Truelux candles, made in Poulsbo. And it’s not wax, it’s lotion! I loved it so much, I treated myself!”

Suggestion for a Boomer. Announcer J.J. Syrja recommends Eric Clapton’s Happy Xmas with cover art by Clapton himself. J.J. found his at Rainy Day Records in Olympia.

From the KXXO Personal Shopper:

I’m evangelical about shopping locally, mainly at local small, independent stores but even at local brick & mortar outlets of chains.

There are a million economic reasons why you should support local businesses.  Locally-owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of revenue locally compared to absentee-owned businesses. Shopping locally creates local wealth and jobs. Even a local outlet  of a “chain” store pays the people where we live and they spend their time and money here!

Dozens of ecological reasons, including all that yucky Styrofoam, sticky tape and plastic bits.

But for me the main reason to go to a local store is because it’s more FUN than sitting at a computer!  (and way better exercise…) Touch the merchandise, taste the food and try on to the clothes to find out the actual sizes! (Try that on-line <g>  Go with friends, get a snack while you’re out, and get in those steps!

So the KXXO Personal Shopper is here to tell you: Enjoy life! Get up from your chair, put down the keyboard, and call a friend to go shopping! And when find you something fabulous,  send me a photo!