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Are you a renter at-risk for eviction, or a landlord experiencing financial hardship, as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis? ​The Dispute Resolution Center provides resources to facilitate dialog and negotiation between tenants and landlords to help renters maintain housing. The Eviction Resolution Program was created to resolve landlord and tenant disputes before they lead to court filings and evictions. Communication between landlords and tenants can be challenging. The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County has a long history of providing mediation and other resources to address landlord-tenant issues. ​A specially-trained Eviction Resolution Specialist is available to provide guidance and assistance over the phone, as well as arrange mediation services when needed.  We also offer resources to assist Spanish-speaking members of our community.

Phone assistance and mediation services through the Eviction Resolution Program are provided at no cost to either tenants or landlords.

CONTACT US to begin the process or learn more about our services:

CALL US AT (360) 956-1155 EXT. 113

We will make every effort to respond to phone messages and emails within two business days.



Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston Countyhttp://www.mediatethurston.org/

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