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There’s an online Open House and survey to share the draft Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan and gather community feedback. Visit www.ThurstonClimatePlan.com to participate!

Thurston Regional Planning Council, Thurston County, and the cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater are working together with the public and key stakeholders to create a framework for reducing local contributions to climate change. The draft Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan outlines strategies to reduce local carbon pollution from sources like transportation, buildings, solid waste, and land use. This plan will help our region build toward a healthier, more livable, and resilient future.

To learn more about the plan, the Open House, and additional opportunities for public comment, visit www.trpc.org/1026/Draft-Plan.


Thurston Regional Planning Councilhttps://www.trpc.org/ osterberga@trpc.org

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