Pets and Cold Weather

janPets and Cold Weather

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Here are a few things we need to be aware of to keep our pets safe in coldweather:

  • Cats and dogs should stay indoors during cold weather, but be aware that heat sources such as fireplaces and space heaters can burn pets.  Make sure your space heaters are pet-proofed. 
  • Provide plenty of fresh water.  When we heat our homes it can dry out the air inside making our pets susceptible to dehydration.
  • Don’t let pets drink water in driveways and roadways.  It might have antifreeze which can be deadly, even in small amounts.   And be mindful of what you put down to melt snow.  It can be deadly as well.
  • If it’s icy outside, wipe your dog’s feet after walks to remove chemicals or salt that they might have walked through which can irritate footpads.
  • Know your pet’s limits.  Like people, cats and dogs can get frostbite and hypothermia if left outdoors for too long.  Consider a sweater or coat for short-haired dogs while outside.
  • Do you have an emergency kit?   Remember to include your pet’s needs including food, water and any medications they may need to get them through for up to 5 days.
  • Contact your veterinarian if you notice any lack of energy or appetite.   Pets get sick, too!



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