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Will you help us get books in the hands of kids ages 12-17 at two crisis residential shelters in our area?

You may have heard of Community Youth Services, but you may not know that teens arrive at their facilities, Haven House and New Directions, due to trauma that has upended their lives, forcing them to leave home or a foster home because they have an unsafe home life.  This is a terrible time for vulnerable youth, and we do our best to make it a more positive experience while they are with us!

Suffice it to say, these are some of the most traumatized young people in our state, and they are referred to these programs to gain stability, be evaluated for services, and create an individual plan for their next steps.

During the 15 days these young people stay with CYS they have a lot of free tim and most kids borrow books from the library.  Unfortunately, the book selection has grown quite dated and worn,  with few of the hottest new titles, few graphic novels, and many missing books from beloved series.

Recently Orca Books Cooperative partnered with CYS to help give the youth access to books they really want to read.

Will you support these youth by buying one or more books for these crisis residential centers and help Orca make its transition to a cooperative in their new space?

Orca Books has agreed to donate one book for every ten that are purchased during this book drive, which will make your support go even further.

All you need to do is place an order and pay for the book at the attached link and Orca will prepare the books for the shelter staff to pick up.  You’ll be supporting distressed kids and helping a local business during this difficult time for retailers…it’s a win-win for our community!


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