Olympia grew up listening to Dick Pust chatting with candidates for local office and representatives from every community group one could imagine. On the “Saturday Morning Conversation” program, Dick talks with candidates and local businesses (Buy Local!). 

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Dr. Alison Vega explains to Dick Pust why Ascent Audiology in West Olympia changed its name to Complete Hearing and Balance.

Tonya Moore talks with Dick Pust about why she feels she’s the best candidate for Thurston County Clerk. Paid for by The Community for Tonya Moore.

Tye Menser talks with Dick Pust about his accomplishments as Thurston County Commissioner & why he deserves reelection. Paid for TyeForThurston.com

August 1 2020

David Nicandri, former director of the Washington State Historical Society, discusses his book, Capt. Cook Rediscovered: Voyaging to the Icy Latitudes, with Dick Pust.

Michael Steadman, candidate for Thurston County Commissioner, District 2, discusses “Community, Environment, & the Economy.” Paid for by People for Michael Steadman (D).

Jonny Meade, socialist candidate for Washington Legislative District, position 1, shares his ideas for putting working people first. Paid for by Jonny for Washington.

March 22 2020

Former Olympia Fire Marshal Rob Bradley will run up the Columbia Center’s 69 flights again for the LLS Firefighter Stairclimb.

Tom Skervold, president of the Nisqually Delta Association, shares some of NDA’s past accomplishments and its goals for the future.

March 15 2020

Sarah Hammin has the amazing story of how OlyEcosystems is preserving and restoring 17 acres of forest land near West Bay Drive. 

Sarah Scherer, now the director of a major local non-profit organization, tells her personal story about growing up homeless.

March 8 2020

Should Thurston County residents approve a ballot issue authorizing the construction of a new courthouse in Olympia? District Court Judge Bret Buckley and architect Ron Thomas say “yes.” 

Should Thurston County residents approve an upcoming ballot issue authorizing the construction of a new courthouse in Olympia? County Commissioner Gary Edwards says “no.”

March 1 2020

Ashley Wambach with Fostering Together talks about the great need for foster parents.

Ally Upton from Habitat for Humanity on exciting things being done in Thurston County.

February 23 2020

Kaleen Cottingham and Tom Jameson with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife talk about the state’s Barrier Removal Project and how it’s helping with salmon migration.

Neil Woody and Melanie Kincaid talk about the Child Care Action Council and its mission to promote and nurture early learning communities where children and families thrive. 

February 16 2020

Gold Record recipient Gretchen Christopher of Fleetwoods fame shares some of her most memorable moments.

Heather Bartlet, Deputy Director of the Department of Ecology, talks about Puget Sound’s No Discharge Zone rule.

February 9 2020

History buff Steve Jones talks about President Truman’s week-long vacation in Olympia in 1945.

Avalon Kragness explains how Lamplighters Creative Space helps promote the arts.

February 2 2020

Ron Jones with Olympia’s Waste Resources Department explains the city’s recycling changes.

Community activist Denny Johnston talks about the proposed “pay by mile” tax and much more …

January 26 2020

Just “Get on and Go!” Intercity Transit Bus Buddies Scott Schoengarth and Diana Claus explain why IT no longer charges fares.

Shannie Jenkins, a contributor to the new book Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Overdose, tells her personal story of loss and grieving.

January 18-19 2020

Karen Hall with the Olympia Soroptimist Club introduces Shannon Glenn, one of the club’s Exceptional Women honorees.

Ken Hornburg with Mills and Mills shares information you and your family need to know about pre-planning funerals.

January 12 2020

The US Census is coming up soon and census takers are needed. Toby Nelson with the US Census Bureau has details.

Is the Schmidt House haunted? Don Trosper with the Olympia Tumwater Foundation talks about that and a lot more!

January 5 2020

Sue Meier and Becky Reavis with Fences for Fido have information you need to know about caring for your dogs.

Bob Jones with Thurston County Veterans Services talks about some unique ways to help veterans in need.